Aisha Hakim



In my early 20's I worked at a publishing company in my hometown. We distributed Laguna Beach Magazine to every driveway, even if they didn't want it. And we got plenty of calls telling us that, and to please stop littering their driveway with our crap magazine. 

That was my first experience forcing my work onto the unsuspecting. And I loved it.

Since then I've been in search of bigger and bigger platforms. I was lucky enough to make a Super Bowl spot early in my career and I'm not above admitting I cried when it aired on live TV. 

I've been featured as The One Show + The 3% Conference: Next Creative Leaders, and Business Insiders 30 Most Creative Women in Advertising, but at heart I'll always be the 20-something graphic designer being told to (figuratively) get off the driveways of the disgruntled elderly.