Aisha Hakim
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Only 54% of women report having access to female senior leaders who act as mentors or informal sponsors in their career. We needed a tool to connect and exchange knowledge outside our own agency walls, so I built Fellow.


As an app-based professional community for women in advertising, the primary goal was to allow advertising agencies to do more than talk about gender equality – it gives them a path of action towards it.


I had no experience making an app and would get comments from the developer like, “you have no home button, back buttons or any clue what you are doing.” Okay, I made up that last part but I’m 99% sure they thought it.


Fellow is an extremely small team. I acted as copywriter, editor, UX designer, creative director, digital producer and financial manager. I can slay an excel spreadsheet these days.


After a year of trial, error, learning, weekends, agonizing, designing and re-designing. We’ve just launched our beta phase.


Cara Robbins and I shot these in my living room. A flash bulb caught on fire but we still got the shot.


Find more at or check us out in Adweek.